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Spa In Your Space will be offering In-Office Spa services to the staff of Jenner & Block by providing on site Manicure & Pedicure services every Thursday from 10:00am, to 1:00pm.  We are also offering Facial services the last Thursday of every month.  Click on your service of choice below to schedule your appointment now.


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  • Nail Services

    • Polish Change $10
      Removal of old polish and applying a fresh new color.
    • Hydrating Hand Massage $10

      Enjoy a wonderful hand massage with our luxurious Collagen gloves that gently nourish dry, dehydrated hands, one of the first places to show signs of aging. Your experience will leave you with smooth and hydrated hands.  (service time: 8-10 minutes)

    • Manlycure $15

      Men, this treatment includes a wonderful hand and arm massage with our Deluxe Collagen gloves along with nail shaping, cuticle treatment and buff. This service concludes with your choice of a buff & shine or clear top coat.  (service time: 18 minutes)

    • Neat & Natural $15

      This service is for the professional that is “On The Go” and only needs nail maintenance.  Your service starts with our deluxe collagen gloves and includes nails clipped, nail shaping, buff massage and cuticle treatment.  You have the option to receive your choice of a buff & shine or clear top coat. (service time: 18 minutes)

    • Collagen Hand Treatment With Polish $20

      Your treatment begins with the application of our deep moisturizing Deluxe Collagen gloves that are prefilled with Collagen and Vitamin E.  Service includes nail shaping, buff, cuticle treatment, massage and polish.  (service time: 20 minutes) **Note: We do not remove your current Gel polish on-site at events**  

    • Gel Mini-Manicure $30

      Service includes nail shaping, buff, cuticle treatment and polish with our long lasting Mini-Gel manicure that lasts up to two weeks. Our new “Gel II” Mini-Manicure eliminates the need for harsh dehydrating chemicals and promotes healthy nails.  The formula is enriched with Calcium and other strengthening ingredients to help nails grow.  Service includes cuticle treatment and Collagen treatment. (**Note: Gel removal is not a part of this service**) (service time: 30 minutes)

    • Gel Removal $10

      We will remove the Gel polish that we applied on our last visit by using our professional steam Gel removal system.  (**Note: Gel removal only applies to Gel polish that was applied by Spa In Your Space upon our last visit**) (service time: 10-15 minutes)

    • Collagen Foot Treatment With Polish $30

      This effective, dry pedicure service begins with our deep moisturizing Deluxe Collagen socks that are pre-filled with Collagen and Vitamin E. This service includes a sanitizing foot spray, nail shaping, buff, cuticle treatment and foot massage. Your treatment will conclude with a nail lacquer of your choice from our Polish Bar. (service time: 25-30 minutes)

  • Facial Services

    • The RA For Men Express Facial $30

      The RA For Men Express Facial is a gentle, yet corrective treatment for Male clients.  This treatment will smooth, soften, hydrate and refine your skin leaving the face refreshed and vibrant for weeks. 

    • Illuminate & Glow Facial $30

      Keep skin glowing with this quick perk-me-up treatment for a flawless, luminous complexion. The Illuminate & Glow Express Facial is designed to cleanse and gently exfoliate, infusing skin with a nutritious cocktail of firming ingredients and antioxidants. This treatment will leave your skin radiant for those special nights out or important meetings! Less time, great results! (20 minutes)

    • Contour Kinetic Facial $35

      This Anti-Aging Facial is for all skin types.  It provides a deep cleanse with a cleanser based on your skin type or concern, a gentle papaya enzyme treatment that will exfoliate dead skin cells, you’ll also receive a Kinetic Tone & Tighten facial massage using the latest technology.  This awesome facial  concludes with a hydrating serum infusion treatment using our facial misting wand.  You’ll feel toned and hydrated for days.

    • BT-Micro Ultrasonic Facial $50

      Using the latest technology, this facial provides ultrasonic exfoliation and product penetration. This power-packed express treatment includes, cleansing, exfoliation, and our special Botox®-like serum that includes Hyaluronic acid and Collagen to hydrate and firm the skin, while reducing the appearance of expression aging.


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